Remis Search

Redlog Example Management and Information System

The Remis database contains publications on Redlog and example computations discussed in these publications. Publications are linked to their contained examples and vice versa.

The empty search yields all available data.


Remis Help

Remis is case insensitive. The input field of the Remis search mask allows the following types of search expressions:

full text search for regexp in the Remis database.
Example:  geometry.
output data for which regexp has been explicitly stored in the field keyword.
Example:  domain:integer.
Multiple expressions
are separated by spaces. By default, results match all the expressions.
Example:  geometry year:1998
The empty search
outputs the entire Remis database.

Some keywords:

Use the unique fileid of papers and examples for later reference.
Example:  fileid:dsw_96,
result contains all papers referring to an example with the given fileid.
Example:  example:dsw96_ex01
Papers and examples can be filtered by their Redlog context.
Example:  context:dcfsf
BibTeX keys
are available as keywords for papers.
Example:  author:weispfenning
Get all existing keywords via a Remis search.