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The SourceForge repository contains several versions of REDUCE, including the complete sources for both REDUCE and the underlying CSL Lisp system.

Compiled Versions

There are several compiled versions available for download. To obtain one of these, go to the project homepage at SourceForge, click on the white Download link at the right of the page near the top, and then click on reduce-algebra under "Package." You will then see several instances of the available binaries. Please use the latest version if that meets your needs. Otherwise, click on the other links, and a variety of versions will be displayed. Hopefully one of these will meet your needs. The relevant files are there in some archive format suitable for your architecture. Among them should be a REDUCE executable.

Complete Sources and Supporting Files

If none of the above versions meets your needs, you will need to download the complete sources. For this you need the "subversion" program svn. If you don't have this, you will need to obtain it from somewhere. Once that is available, you can say

svn co reduce-algebra

This will download all relevant files to a sub-directory reduce-algebra. To create the necessary executables, go

cd reduce-algebra/trunk
./configure --with-csl --with-psl

If you want to restrict to either CSL or PSL you can omit the --with-*sl for the other one. Now type


After compilation a suitable executable redcsl or redpsl (with a .bat extension for Windows) will be found in the trunk/bin subdirectory.

There is no make install for installing things somewhere else in your filetree. We recommend to add trunk/bin to your PATH.

Known Problems

With the CSL version, there are some glitches with the mathemaatical prettyprinting of expressions. To turn this feature off, say off fancy; in REDUCE.

There are some keyboard problems with the CSL window-based version on MacOS X with certain localized keyboards. If you are having problems with this version, or generally prefer a command-line version, you can use CSL REDUCE in command-line mode via the option -w.

You might find that the frontend of PSL REDUCE on non-Windows systems is not very user-friendly. Consider using Redfront.


Redfront is a terminal-based frontend for REDUCE using the editline library, which is similar to the GNU readline. For compiling Redfront, go

cd trunk/generic/redfront
make install

After this, you will find suitable executable rfcsl and rfpsl in trunk/bin.